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The objective of Athman International Holding Company is to be one of the most leading companies in the region, by offering a group of unique restaurants that fall within the expectations and aspirations of our clients. What we mostly seek is the quality of food and the quality of service provided to our clients.
Our plans are to spread widely across all the governorates of the Kingdom and the region through diverse branches, not traditional ones.


Our Vision
For Athman International Holding Company to become the first Company in the restaurant and cafes sector locally and regionally in a way that is in consistence with our clients taste.

Our Mission
To provide delicious and various meals of high quality that include new innovations, which satisfy our clients and continue to develop and be distinguish in anything new in the restaurants and cafes world.

Our Objectives
– Providing meals that are in consistence with our clients taste.
– Focusing on quality.
– Creating new meals.
– Creating suitable environment in our branches.
– Providing everything new and special.