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Real estate investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Based on the vision of the Company related to expanding into several fields and entering most economic sectors, the Company started to prepare an establishment file of hotel tower owned by the Company that consists of 250 rooms and suites. It also includes hotel facilities such as swimming pools, sports halls, various restaurants and cafes. The hotel will be located in the most vital area in the capital (Riyadh) in north of Riyadh city on King Fahd Road, which is considered the main artery of Riyadh city.

Real estate investment in Malaysia

In an effort to expand the investments of the Company inside and outside the Kingdom, real estate investment in Malaysia was selected to be among our Company’s network of real estate projects, so we are in the process of establishing two residential towers in KLCC area, which is the most vital area in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. The first tower consists of three hundred (300) residential apartments of multiple sizes and unique modern designs. The second tower consists of one thousand and six hundred (1600) residential apartments with very beautiful designs and beautiful views.