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About Us
Why us

Why Us

Athman Company is a Saudi holding company that is new in terms of construction, however, it depends on its owners experience and management in real estate fields as they are among the most prominent names in the real estate market and economy in terms of managing and owning real estate in the Kingdom over the last thirty years. It is concerned with various investments such as real estate investment inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad. It works in many fields of investment such as stocks, investment portfolios, hotel services and restaurants. Athman Holding Company is a Saudi company that has a wide experience in real estate and investment that aims at enriching the real estate market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and around the world through massive development projects. The head office of the Company is located at Riyadh city and it practises its business according to laws and regulations issued in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The Company works on establishing commercial investments in all commercial fields around the world and works on making the Company one of the most important holding companies.
We aim that Athman International Holding Company becomes a global company that deals in multi-business and reaches success through working together with its clients. As the company has relied on innovation in its investment plans, by distributing the business field to many investments. The Company has adopted its business strategy, through an integrated team that depends on collaboration to achieve remarkable success for its clients and to develop the assets of the Company's inside the Kingdom and abroad, through entering into massive projects