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Terms And Conditions

Definitions: Location: Is the site of Athman Holding and its sections and pages. Member: Is anyone registered on the site. Visitors: They are the people who benefit from the site and are not members. Marketing: The services that are presented on the site in order to market them or inquire about them. Ads: Are ads posted on the site. Replies: Comments on topics or ads. General conditions: All written topics and posts express the point of view of the owner, and do not in any way express the point of view of The Price Holding Management. Athman Holding specializes in the sale and purchase of real estate and exchange of real estate and investment experiences. Commercial transactions (sale, purchase, rental, kissing, etc.) are conducted between the parties to the business directly and without any liability or interference from the management of the site. You must abide by the ethics of discussion and not be insulted, insulted or defamed by anyone or anyone. The Member is fully responsible for all statements made on the site. When you need to write a suggestion or complaint, you should write it in the complaints and suggestions section or communicate directly with the administration through the means of communication available at the bottom of the page, note that the topics in the complaints and suggestions section only appear to their companions and management only. Registration and affiliation: It is not permitted to register with inappropriate names or to use opaque letters, numbers and symbols, and the administration has the right to delete any membership that does not take this into account. Undertakes not to use membership to abuse the site, any of its members or anyone. Athman Holding's management has the right to stop and remove discarded memberships that have been last shared a year and more. Complaints and suggestions should be written in the complaints and suggestions section and are not allowed in other sections. Financing service announcements are only allowed to be published by licensed banks and institutions, provided that the ad is direct without a broker and coordination with management. You must adhere to the sections of the site and put the topic or advertisement in the correct section. Responses and comments on topics: Responding to members' topics and posts should be soft and polite, away from profanity, insult, slander or any kind of abuse. You undertake not to write a reply or comment suggesting that offers or requests, including the price, have been reduced. If you think the offer is not right for you, you can ignore the subject without hurting or detracting. You undertake not to display any item in the form of a refund within a sale offer created by another member It undertakes not to write responses to several topics at a close time in order to raise them or to repeat the topic repeatedly at close times. Athman Holding's management has the right to control, whether updated, deleted or otherwise, with all the information entered into it, where appropriate, without giving reasons. Athman Holding's management has the right to change these terms at any time without notice. By using this website means that you agree to all the terms, God is the best witness